What Legal Claims Can Pedestrian Make If Hit By Car?

Because a car is so much larger than a single pedestrian, someone that gets hit by an automobile may not feel possessed of much power. Still, the fact that any pedestrian could get injured while strolling around the streets. Calling on a personal injury lawyer in Orillia might be the right person to discuss such key issues. Accidents had led legislators to start thinking about what changes should be made along the stretch of roadway where the tragedies had taken place. (more…)

What Are The Damages Suffered By Family That Grieves A Wrongful Death?

The legal system recognizes the fact that an event caused by nature could not be held responsible for someone’s death. The victim of such an event has not suffered what would qualify under the law as a wrongful death. However, if the deceased had been the victim of negligence or of intentional actions, then the relatives of the deceased could consider filing for a wrongful death case. That same group of relatives could seek compensation for at least two types of damages. In some cases, the grieving loved ones could seek compensation for a third damage. (more…)

Is Medical Malpractice About Making Wrong Diagnosis And Delaying Release of Diagnosis?

Both of those examples help a wronged patient to understand the elements that must be present in a successful claim. First, the claimant must prove that a patient-doctor relationship had been established, before the physician made a grave mistake. Unless, the doctor charged with malpractice had only recently learned about the patient’s medical history, proving that first element should not pose a real challenge to any lawyer. (more…)