Claims Linked To Falls Taken By Senior Citizen

Due to the fragile nature of their bodies, senior citizens develop terrible physical problems, in the event that their legs give out on them, or they lose their balance. Still, a personal injury lawyer should expect to hear about more than physical injuries, if an older client has fallen. The client’s troubles might reflect the development of all sorts of social, psychological and emotional issues. (more…)

What Damages Does Court Consider When Deciding On A Wrongful Death Action?

When forced to deal with the sudden death of a loved one, a grieving family often feels compelled to take some sort of action. If the death resulted from natural causes, no action can be taken. On the other hand, if someone could be held responsible for what has happened, the family can initiate a wrongful death action.The action must be filed by the loved ones of the deceased. The file gets submitted to the court. It seeks monetary compensation from the person that committed the negligent act, an act that managed to end someone else’s life. (more…)