Claiming Rights And Emotional Damages In A Wrongful Death Case

Even though wrongful death is amongst the most tragic consequences of any accident, there are a lot of things that have to be discussed in order to provide clarity over the matter. The Fifth Part of the Family Law Act of Ontario stipulates that in case death or injury resulted from neglect of a third party, the directly related blood relatives are entitled to seek monetary compensation. (more…)

How To Go About Settling Your Accident Claim?

Typically, there are a few different approaches that you could undertake if you’ve been involved in an accident and you seek to repair damages that you’ve had to sustain. The most common thing that people would think of is to file a lawsuit and let the court handle their faith. However, there are quite a few things that you’d want to account for it. The first thing you should do is to get the medical assistance that you need in order to ensure that your health is prioritized and that you are going to recover. (more…)

Exemption From Liability In Slip & Fall Cases

Slip & fall cases are a large portion of the overall personal injury claims in the province of Ontario. The reason for this is because they are common and are dangerous. The legislation in the matter is also pretty transparent and it stipulates clear responsibility in this regard. The piece of regulatory provisions that’s designated to govern this area is called the Occupier’s Liability Act and it has been in full force over the province of Ontario since 1990, when it was enacted. It’s impressive and definitely worth mentioning that it hasn’t been changed or amended ever since. This means that the legislative authority has without a doubt managed to foresee the legal tendencies and the social approach towards such cases. (more…)

How To Prove Negligence After An Accident?

While there are quite a few things that you might take into account when it comes to personal injury law, the onus of proof is without a doubt one of the most important ones. This is something which would determine the party who would have to prove the fault and establish damages. Proving negligence is obviously one of the most important things but there is a lot more to it than just that. This is why it is quite beneficial for you to take advantage of the services of a professional lawyer. (more…)