How Much Time Does Accident Victim Have If Intending To File Lawsuit?

The act of seeking compensation for the damages that resulted from an accident does not signal the intention to file a lawsuit. If, however, you press charges by filing a claim in a court of law, then you have filed a lawsuit. The time frame in which you could take such action varies, and is determined by the location of the accident. If the accident occurred in Canada, then the victim in that collision has 2 years in which to file a claim in court. (more…)

How Are Damages Assessed In A Tort Case?

In a tort case, the assessment of damages reflects the object of the lawyer that is representing the injured party. He or she intends to obtain the monetary compensation for injuries incurred, as a result of a particular accident. Ideally, such compensation should allow the lawyer’s client (the injured party) to enjoy what the lawyer would view as a “whole” life. (more…)