Actions To Take After Slipping And Falling In Department Store

A variety of different situations can trigger a slip and fall incident in a department store. Still, details about a given situation do not rule-against the fact that the store should be held liable for any injuries. Yet an injured victim does need to undertake the proper actions.

Events that might set-the-stage for a slip and fall incident

• Liquid from some product gets spilled on the floor.
• Liquid from a customer’s purchase leaks onto the floor.
• Some item falls from the shelf, and a customer trips over it.
• Some stock worker leaves a dolly or ladder in an improper location, and a customer trips over it.

How negligence on the part of the department store might cause a slip and fall incident

• Store fails to arrange for removal of a dangerous spot on the floor.
• Store does not arrange for regular examination of the floor’s condition in each department.
• Store’s failure to post a warning sign, after a dangerous situation has been discovered.
• Poor lighting in area where a customer fell.

If the injured victim chooses to file a personal injury claim, then that same victim ought to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Injury Lawyer in Stouffville can make sure that the claim has been filed against the correct party. It does not pay to file a claim against someone for which there is no proof that he or she acted in a careless or neglectful manner.

Lawyers understand how to judge the strength of a claim. If a claim does not appear strong, it may be necessary to gather more evidence.

An attorney appreciates the value of specific pieces of evidence. For instance, the victim has a stronger case, if he or she can show that the fall took place on a day when that same victim was wearing a sturdy pair of shoes.

An attorney’s effort to make a given case stronger might consist of checking to see if any previous customer had slipped or tripped at that same spot. If that were the case, and no member of the store’s staff had posted a warning sign, then that fact should highlight the level of negligence exhibited by the store’s employees.

A lawyer’s efforts might aid discovery of other important facts. For instance, if the lighting in a given area seemed insufficient, then a lawyer might check to see how long that poor level of lighting had remained an aspect of that particular location’s features.

Finally, lawyers’ experiences allow them to become acquainted with the size of a fair and reasonable compensation. Consequently, a member of the legal profession has learned how to seek a fair compensation for the victim of a slip and fall or a trip and fall incident.