Actions To Take Following Involvement In Truck Accident

Because a truck accident could result in development of a catastrophic injury, anyone that has been involved in such a collision ought to know what actions he or she should plan to take.

One of the required actions is unlike any that have been recommended to other accident victims.

If your vehicle has collided with a truck, be sure to call 911.In addition, make a point of calling the police.

The other actions are similar to the ones suggested for any accident victim.

Seek immediate medical attention and get evaluated by a medical professional, so that facts about any injuries go on your record. Take photographs of the collision site, of the damaged vehicles and of any injury. Get contact information from all of those involved in the truck-vehicle incident, including the witnesses. You need to get the truck’s license plate number.

Actions to avoid

Do not admit fault: There are many different businesses and people that could have contributed to the occurrence of any trucking accident.

—The truck’s driver
—The trucking company
—The leasing company, if the truck had been leased
—The shipper
—The company that manufactured the truck, or the one that made any of the parts that were used on that same transport vehicle.
—The company that made the truck’s tires: That would be different from the one that made any of the other parts
—Any shop that performed a mechanical operation on the same transport vehicle
—Some failure to engineer a given section of roadway properly: That would be a failure of a construction company, or of a Dept. of Transportation in a local or state government
—Poor placement of signs that were meant to inform truck drivers about the existence of a place for pulling over, if a truck’s speed has exceeded the range of safe speeds.
—Poor lighting on the signs that were supposed to provide truck drivers with information on where to pull over, in the event of an emergency.

Do not post comments or pictures on a social media site. Insurance companies hire men and women that are charged with the task of visiting all the different social media networks. Insurers hope that by paying people to visit such networks, the chances should increase for discovery of a post that contradicts some statement that was made by a claimant or plaintiff.

Do not attempt some new movement that your injury had kept you from doing in the past, unless you first let your doctor know what you are planning to do. You do not want to make it look like you have lied about any problems you had encountered with certain movements, since the time of your injury.