Can You Win A Fair Compensation For A Personal Injury?

The legal system is supposed to help the injured victim get back to the point where he or she was before the accident? Does the system really achieve its stated purpose?

What is the size of the typical payout, following negotiations?

Approximately ½ of payouts deliver an amount between $3,000 and $25,000 to the injured victim. Slightly more than ¼ of the payouts average out to a figure that is close to $53,000.

What factors could work to influence a payout’s size?

Claimants that have sustained a serious injury tend to receive a much larger payout.The defendant’s insurance policy usually places a limit on the amount of money that can be given to a claimant or plaintiff.

The location of the accident could be a major factor. In states with a no-fault insurance system, injured victims lack the ability to sue the responsible driver, unless their losses have exceeded a certain figure. Claimants that hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Barrie and threaten to initiate a lawsuit have better luck wining a fair compensation. Otherwise, the insurance company enjoys the ability to dictate what factors should be considered, during any determination of fault.

Retention of an attorney serves to strengthen the claimant’s ability to stand up for his or her rights. For instance, a claimant might have the ability to postpone a stated deadline, as given in the statute of limitations, if a child or teen were one of the occupants that got injured at the time of a given accident.

How time waiting for compensation affects claimant’s view, regarding fairness of outcome

If a payout’s delivery were to be delayed until a time beyond the point where the claimant had exhausted all of his or her financial resources, then it would prove of less value, than if it had arrived earlier. Any consideration of how fair a given outcome might seem should take into account the span of months, perhaps years, before actual delivery of the anticipated compensation package.

What is the usual length of time that injured victims must wait for monetary compensation? About ½ of personal injury claims get resolved within a period of 2 months to one year. What about the remaining half? How much time from the date of the accident had passed, before that other group of victims was compensated?

The unfortunate members of that second group experienced the trials of waiting for more than one year. The study results failed to reveal how long after that first year, each victim had to wait for the money that he or she deserved to receive. Still, it seems obvious that any monetary package would have been of limited value, so long after the accident.