Are There Categories Under Product Liability Claims?

It is true that the range of product is which are capable of causing certain issues is rather extensive, defective product cases could generally be grouped into three main categories.

Manufacturing defect

The first one is going to involve products which have been defectively manufactured in a way. This means that the mistake has been made either during the period of manufacturing in the factory or at some point between this period and the moment in which the product has been bought.

Defective design

The second category which contains quite a lot of different cases as well is when the product has been designed defectively. This suggests that the product is going to be dangerous even if it is manufactured perfectly. These cases usually do not involve just one product but mostly a series of products which have been faulty. This is the most common cause of product recalls on the market.

No warning labels

The third category of claims is usually going to involve a certain failure to provide warnings and instructions which relate to the proper usage of the product which has caused the injury.

When it comes to it, it’s important to address all the different issues and to ensure that everything is handled properly and as per the highest standards. With this in mind, breaches of warranties should taken very seriously. There are a few different types of warranties which one should take into account.

1.    Express warranty – this is when the instructions or the guarantees have been given officially as part of the labeling or the advertising of the product. All in all, there is somewhere where it’s written that the manufacturer, retailer or seller offers a guarantee.

2.    Implied warranty – this is when the warranty is provided by the law. This means that there is no written transcript of the guarantee but it’s provided by the law. This is something that allows you only to prove that the product was defective and the law covers your rights as a consequence.

However, the thing that you need to understand is that these cases are far from being easy. They are actually quite challenging and it is important that you take them very seriously as it is hard to identify the party who is at fault. Is it the manufacturer or is it the retailer or someone in between? This is something fairly individual and it requires quite a lot of consideration. Therefore, you should be working with a reliable personal injury lawyer with the necessary experience in defective product cases. This is going to ensure that your interests are properly represented and that you receive whatever it is that you are legally entitled to. Most of the lawyers that hand product liability claims file it against companies and corporations and that is because they have the keen legal skills. Thus, working with an experienced lawyer will help you get the right legal support.