What Happens When Your Injuries Prevent You from Taking Decisions?

When you’re injured in a personal injury accident, it can be hard to think about anything other than your injuries. But there are other things that need to be taken care of—like making sure that your family is safe and comfortable while they wait for medical treatment or filing a claim on their behalf. If your injury prevents you from making decisions or filing claims on behalf of yourself or another person, here’s what happens next: (more…)

When Does A Car Accident Case Goes To Trial?

If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident and are unsure what to do next, you’re not alone. Most accident claims go to trial – and rightfully so. After all, this is the most significant financial burden potentially of your life, and you want to make sure that the factors that were substantiated by the accident were taken into account. Your Injury Lawyer in Orillia can help figure out how best to present the evidence in a way that will leave the jury with no doubt about your claim. (more…)

5 Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Trucking accidents can be tragic and debilitating, especially large commercial trucks. They can lead to severe injuries, other property damage, and even death. Several factors cause truck accidents, so it’s helpful to know what these are and how you can avoid them. In addition, whether you were hit by a tractor-trailer or a large commercial vehicle, it forces government regulators to investigate when a truck hits your car. If you’re involved in an accident with a truck, speak to an Injury Lawyer in Barrie. (more…)

What Explains The Catastrophic Consequences For So Many Truck Accidents?

Trucks that serve as transport vehicle are larger than most family-owned vehicles. Their center of balance occupies a space that lies well above the center of balance for a car or van. Yet those same large top-heavy trucks must travel on the highways, where the drivers feel pushed to keep moving at a high rate of speed. No wonder the truck’s force becomes so great, at the time of its impact with another set-of-wheels. (more…)