How Safe Are The Products You Use?

Today with the myriad of products available, it’s often hard to know where it was manufactured and how safe it truly is. A product you have trusted for years could now be owned by another corporation and be manufactured elsewhere in the world. In our global marketplace, we have basic laws that hold companies accountable for a product’s safety and to warn consumers about risks with regard to that product. Product liability law ensures that a company can be held responsible for any negligence. (more…)

Know About The Process of Proving Liability In A Defective Product Claim

Now, if you have been injured or you have effectively suffered some damages because of a product that you’ve used, you may have the rights to file a product liability claim. When you evaluate whether or not you have this legal opportunity, it is particularly helpful to be well aware of the regulations which govern this particular field of the law. Even though the rules might be a bit different in other provinces, there are a few generalized positions that you need to account for in Ontario. Basically, in a nutshell, you have to prove that: (more…)

Who’s To Be Blamed In Defective Product Liability Cases?

There are quite a lot of different potential injury causes when it comes to personal injury law. As unfortunate as it may be, defective products are quite common the reason for which people tend to sustain a range of different yet particularly harmful damages and that’s something that has to be accounted for. However, a product liability claim is usually something far more complicated than other types of injury claims because there are quite a lot of considerations to be accounted for. Right off the bat, it’s particularly challenging to even determine the potential defendant. It might be hard to do so because the distribution chain could be long and extensive. So, how to proceed in situations of the kind? (more…)