Common Orthopedic Injuries After Accidents

Injuries that affect a person’s joints, muscles, or nerves are commonly referred to as orthopedic injuries.  These injuries come in many forms and typically include bone fractures and injuries to the cartilage, ligaments, muscles, and tendons that support the many bones of the human body.  In more serious cases, displacements of bones occur and cause damage to nerves and the surrounding supportive tissues.

Where personal injury claims are concerned, personal injury lawyers oftentimes litigate for victims who have sustained:

·         fractures

·         joint damage

·         muscle strains

·         nerve pressure

·         spinal damage

·         sprains

In cases involving sprains and strains, healing usually occurs quickly.  However, the more serious injuries can lead to years of chronic pain and mobility issues.  If you’ve recently sustained orthopedic injuries, talking with a personal injury lawyer may be the best course of action.

10 most common Orthopedic Injuries

The 10 most common orthopedic injuries treated by their doctors and staff includes:

·         ACL tear

·         ankle sprains

·         Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

·         distal radius fracture

·         labral tear (dislocated shoulder)

·         meniscus tear

·         Plantar Fasciitis

·         rotator cuff tear

·         stress fracture

·         tennis elbow

If you have sustained any of these injuries as a result of a slip or trip and fall accident, sports injury, or vehicular accident, you may be entitled to compensation and should consider having a personal injury lawyer represent you and your claim.

The most common Cause – Vehicular Accidents

Personal injury claims will result when an individual has been injured in some type of accident, the three most common of which include slip or trip and fall accidents, sports injuries, and vehicular accidents.  Statistics show that there are roughly 10 million drivers in Ontario Province.  Other statistics have proven that Highway 401 is North America’s busiest transportation corridor.  Consequently, it’s no wonder that the leading cause of Canadian personal injury claims is vehicular accidents.

Furthermore, orthopedic injuries ranging from mild to severe are a common occurrence in these types of accidents.  The leading causes of these accidents include:

·         aggressive or reckless driving / speeding

·         distracted driving

·         driver fatigue

·         driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (impaired driving)

·         novice and younger drivers (inexperienced drivers

No matter what the cause of the accident is, the more common injuries include arm and leg fractures, joint damage, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. All of these injuries can limit movement and cause constant pain and discomfort. Oftentimes, the injuries can cause chronic pain and reliance of painkillers over time.

Personal injury claims for orthopedic injuries commonly involve motor vehicle accidents and in some cases, a charge of negligence arises based on assigning driver fault.  The best course of action for anyone who has sustained orthopedic injuries in a vehicular accident is to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Orillia regarding your case.  While you may be entitled to compensation for those injuries, your lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected during the legal process.