How To File A Lawsuit After Suffering A Spinal Cord Injury

The filing of such a lawsuit does not guarantee the victim’s ability to obtain a fair compensation. The victim that has sought out such a guarantee has searched for and found a good lawyer. That lawyer understands how all aspects of the victim’s life have been impacted by the spinal cord injury.

How can a client feel certain that an attorney has acquired such a level of understanding? Clients that enjoy that level of certainty have taken the time to go online and learn about a given attorney’s background. Has that same attorney handled other cases in which the client had suffered a spinal cord injury?

What could change below the injury site, in order to impact the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of the injured person’s life?

• The strength of the muscles below that specific site might have diminished or disappeared.
• The extent to which the nerves can detect various sensations might have vanished in the area below that same site.
• The ability of the injured person to carry out certain body functions could be lacking, due to the location of the cord injury.

The sorts of symptoms that could develop, as a result of changes below the injury site:

• The victim must deal with a loss of movement in specific body parts.
• The victim’s sensations have been altered in certain regions of the body.
• The injured cord becomes a source of unrelenting pain.
• The injured person must struggle with embarrassing medical problems, such as a loss of bowel control or a loss of bladder control.
• The cord injury leads to development of exaggerated reflexes, and thus causes muscle spasms.
• When positioned high enough on the cord, such an injury becomes the source of breathing difficulties.

Victims with such symptoms exhibit a loss of productivity

The employee that fails to be suitably productive faces a loss of income. That loss of income comes at a time when the victim and the victim’s family must deal with unexpected costs, such as needed changes in the home. In addition, medical facilities continue to schedule therapy for the injured patient. Yet plans must be made for transporting the patient to those same facilities.

Even after the patient’s physical or mental problems get solved, the emotional and social issues have to be dealt with. A lawsuit should arrange for an examination of all the areas of the patient’s life that could give rise to an unexpected challenge. A good Personal Injury Lawyer in Orillia must be able to identify such areas.

The ideal lawyer does far more than just filing a lawsuit. In addition, the lawyer’s efforts get focused on pursuit of the compensation that a permanently impaired client deserves. The lawyer’s experience aids acquisition of that compensation.