Help For Passengers Injured On Bus

Any passengers on a bus at the time of a collision enjoy a fair amount of protection. That public transportation vehicle has lots of heavy metal on its front, side and rear sections. Yet there are times when a bus rider can suffer a severe injury.

Factors that link bus’ movement to an injury suffered by a passenger

• None of the passengers wears a seat belt.
• Bus may move before every passenger gets seated. Driver could stop vehicle suddenly that time.
• Those seated in back may want to walk towards door as the next stop gets closer. Consequently, a driver could stop suddenly while someone stood in the center aisle.

Injuries most often suffered by a passenger, due to some bus’ erratic movement

• Whiplash and other soft tissue injuries
• Concussion
• Cuts and bruises
• Broken bones
• Head got injured
Brain traumatized and injured
• Injury to backbone or spinal column

The negligent actions of other drivers can cause an accident. The chances that such driving behaviors could lead to a collision increase if the bus’ driver is distracted or fatigued. The bus driver’s mind may register too late the way that another driver’s actions have made it necessary for a foot to hit the brake pedal. Even if a collision gets avoided, the sudden stop could catch a standing passenger off-guard, and unable to latch onto any object that he or she might manage to grip and hold.

Who can be sued?

Depending on the circumstances, there could be multiple defendants. If it can be proven that the driver has demonstrated negligence, that same person can be sued. The company operating the bus might be sued; had it provided passengers with an easy way to establish a driver’s identity, in the event of a collision? If the bus operates according to the desires of a municipality, then that same municipality can be sued.

How to make a claim

Adhere to stated deadlines. Plan to commence a lawsuit before the passing of two years, following the date of the near accident, which caused at least one injury. Hire an Injury Lawyer in Barrie. Anyone who tries to make a claim without contacting a lawyer can expect to run into trouble. An injury lawyer will call a client, whenever a deadline approaches. In the absence of a lawyer, a claimant increases the chances that a deadline will get overlooked.

You may feel reluctant to use public transportation, after having suffered physical harm. Still, you should push yourself to take a ride or two on the bus line that you were using when you got injured. If you fell down while standing, note how frequently passengers have to stand, while preparing to exit at the next stop.