How To Deal With Devastating Injury To Spinal Cord?

The victim of a spinal cord injury must deal with both financial hardships and unrelenting pain. In light of that fact, how can any amount of compensation help such a victim get back to the point where he or she was before the injury-causing accident?

Situations most-often associated with an accident that has caused a spinal cord injury

• Participation in a sports activity or a risky recreational activity
• A slip and fall incident
• Car accident
• Utilization of a defective product
• Dangerous situation at work
• Acts of violence

Personal Injury Lawyer in Barrie know that sometimes a patient’s failure to follow the doctor’s instructions, after receiving a spinal tap, or the doctor’s failure to perform that particular test correctly can reduce the level of the cord’s function. In order to carry out such a tap, a doctor must insert a large needle into a space between 2 vertebrae. Then the same doctor withdraws some of the patient’s spinal fluid.

Functions performed by a healthy spinal cord

Sends messages from the sense organs in the skin to the brain. It directs movement of muscles in the limbs by sending messages from the brain to the muscles. Nature of functions underscores the devastating nature of any damage to the cord’s integrity. A good personal injury attorney should be able to draw the jurors’ attention to the daily challenges that might enter the life those victims that have been confined to a wheelchair.

How could the events have associated with the occurrence of accident cause harm to the body’s cord of nerves?

A severe impact might result in the fracturing of one or more vertebrae; such a fracture could produce bone fragments. Any of those same fragments might succeed in cutting a nerve that was part of the bundle within the cord.

Even in the absence of any fracturing, a dislocation of one or more vertebrae could pinch the bundle of nerves inside of the backbone.There is no quick and easy treatment for either of those conditions. That is why many of the victims’ daily activities become a source of unrelenting pain.

Common defenses in lawsuit that has been initiated by an accident victim with spinal cord injury

In cases where victims have failed to have injury documented, defense lawyer might deny the existence of any injuries. Depending on the state where the lawsuit was filed, the defense might suggest comparative or contributory negligence on the part of the plaintiff. That does not free the defendant of all responsibility for the damages, but it does reduce the size of any compensation package, or any court-ordered judgment.

If someone had hurt his or her back while participating in a sport activity, the defense attorney might argue an assumption of risk by the plaintiff.