How To Stay Safe While Driving On One of Ontario’s Highways

On any such highway, each driver feels as you probably do–eager to reach his or her intended destination. Your own driving must match with that fact. You will achieve a match, if you follow a few simple rules, else there is an accident and then you will need to connect with an Injury Lawyer in Barrie.

Safety tips for a driver on a highway in Ontario

Plan your trip. Avoid the need to make a quick decision. That could force the driver to make an unneeded exit from the highway. Normally, highways from which a driver has exited have to be entered again. A driver increases his or her risks by entering repeatedly.

Stay alert. Avoid reliance on a distraction, such as a cell phone. Appreciate the fact that even a car’s radio can be a distraction. Create a system that keeps the driver from looking away from the road, in order to study the information coming from a GPS device.

Take a break when you feel tired. Stop for food or a drink, but do not try to eat or drink while driving.

Follow all traffic rules, including those the tell drivers what how fast to travel on any of the highways. Still, do not feel that you must drive at that speed, if the weather conditions are not good. In such a situation, it makes sense to slow down. As you travel down a highway’s entrance ramp and join the flow of traffic, be especially mindful of your need to match your actions with those of the other drivers. Copy their speed, as you merge into the oncoming traffic.

At an exit, do not assume that no one will be slowing down. Be prepared for that possibility. Otherwise, you might plow into a driver that has stopped, because the vehicles in front of him have stopped.

Signal your intentions to other drivers. Let them know what you plan to do. Do not wait until the last minute, before turning on your signal light.

Be sure to use the proper lane. Move into the left lane, if you intend to pass the vehicle in front of you.

Provide any merging vehicles with sufficient space at the highway’s entrance. In order to do that you must either move out of your lane or adjust your speed.

Use your headlights after sunset or in bad weather. Use your headlights before sunrise, as well. Make a point of keeping your windshield clean.

Keep your car in good shape, so that it does not breakdown in the middle of the highway. Make sure that you do not run out of gas, if that is the type of fuel that you are using. That is another problem that can leave you stranded in the middle of traffic.