Importance Of Family Doctor For Your Long Term Disability Claim

Personal injury law and the claims associated with it could get quite overwhelming at times as there are tons of things that have to be taken into account. However, when it comes down to it, you have to understand that one of the most important figures in the context of your long term disability claim can be your own personal family doctor.

Now, unlike in the USA, as a citizen of Canada, visiting a medical doctor is free of charge. This is a particularly stellar consideration that needs to be taken into account. From a medical perspective you don’t have to pay tremendous amounts of money in order to get better. From a legal perspective it puts the victim in the driver seat to build his case with thorough and extensive medical evidence. And, when it comes to long term disability claims, you have to understand that they are built upon nothing but evidence.

The plaintiff has to be able to prove their case as well as their oral testimony in order to get the compensation that he’s going for. This is where the family doctor comes into the picture in order to provide you with a tremendously helping hand. Each time you visit your own personal family doctor, he is supposed to take particulate notes which contain information regarding your complaint as well as the medical opinion, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment recommendations and quite a lot of other things. These are the things that your injury lawyer is going to rely on in order to make a proper long term disability claim. They provide thorough and clear insight in the nature of your injury, complaints and pain as well as the quality of the life.

So, if the medical note of your family doctor says that you’ve appeared in fine condition without exhibiting any symptoms of significant pain, it’s highly unlikely that you can build a case for long term disability built on the premise of severe chronic suffering.  However, it is important that the injury is evaluated properly immediately after you get injured. Keep the documentation and diagnostic reports safely because they will be needed when you file for a claim.

These sorts of records are particularly important and valuable in terms of evidence in any personal injury case. Of course, the role that your family doctor plays in the entire situation is far more important than just serving as a carrier for certain notes. He’s going to be there for your complaints and he’s going to make sure that everything that’s required is taken care of. With this in mind, he might as well turn to be the person that you can rely upon the most. He’s the professional who’s going to refer you to x-rays, MRIs, CT scans and whatever you can think of and he’s the one who’s going to exercise preliminary treatment plans.