What Legal Claims Can Pedestrian Make If Hit By Car?

Because a car is so much larger than a single pedestrian, someone that gets hit by an automobile may not feel possessed of much power. Still, the fact that any pedestrian could get injured while strolling around the streets. Calling on a personal injury lawyer in Orillia might be the right person to discuss such key issues. Accidents had led legislators to start thinking about what changes should be made along the stretch of roadway where the tragedies had taken place.

Types of charges that might be made by a hit pedestrian

• City’s streets were not safe.
• A given intersection had faulty traffic lights.
• Municipality had poorly-engineered curves.
• City had a poorly-placed cross-walk.
• City had failed to provide pedestrians with an adequate number of cross-walks.
• City had failed to warn motorists about existence of cross-walk on a given roadway.

How a lawyer might work to strengthen a pedestrian’s case

• Take pictures of the scene of the accident
• Check to see if a similar accident has happened at the same location in the recent past

Actions that all pedestrians can take, when crossing the road

No pedestrian should assume that he or she has the right to run into the street and call for traffic to come to a halt. Pedestrians are expected to stay on the sidewalk, and to use a cross-walk when crossing the road. Jay-walking is illegal. If a pedestrian does get hit, he or she should seek medical attention as soon as possible. That action would work to strengthen any case made against the driver or against the municipality.

If the driver does not remain at the scene, then the pedestrian should make a point of working with police, in order to identify the driver. Sometimes, the person that has been hit actually recognizes the car or the person driving that same automobile. If the accident took place near a store or a restaurant, the pedestrian can inquire about any video footage taken at the time of the accident. That can be used to prove the identity of the guilty driver.

By taking such actions, a pedestrian can offer preliminary evidence to any attorney that agrees to handle the pedestrian’s case, whether it is against the driver or against the municipality where the accident took place. Naturally, all pedestrians should give an honest report of any incident. Additionally, the legal team that is hired by the plaintiff will assume the responsibilities of proving the liability of the defendant for the accident.