Mental Illnesses That Qualify For Disability Benefits In Canada

Canada has examined how a resident with a mental illness might face added challenges while on the job. Based on the findings from the Provincial government’s examination, Canada has identified one specific condition and one general category that qualify as a mental problem, and one that allows the affected man or woman to receive long term disability benefits.

Depression: That is one metal condition that belongs on a list of health problems that allow a Canadian to request long term disability. Among a listing of all the reasons that employees have for failing to show-up at work, depression ranks close to the top. A depressed worker finds it hard to make decisions. At the same time, that depressed worker may feel reluctant to take action on a given product.

Sleep disorders: These may not seem like a mental problem, but some of them are caused by development of a mental illness. All of them create a problem for the employer that has hired the affected employee. That employee’s disorder makes it hard for the same worker to stay focused throughout the day.

Insomnia: This is one category in the list of problems associated with sleep disorders. It is usually caused by feelings of anxiety, stress or depression. Unfortunately, sleeping pills fail to provide adults with an effective solution.

Hypersomnia: Someone that feels compelled to have an excessive amount of sleep suffers with hypersomnia. Doctors often refer to that condition as narcolepsy. Someone that suffers with that particular condition experiences periodic sleep attacks.

Parasomnia: That word gets used in reference to any type of abnormal behavior, when that particular behavior has been displayed while the affected person is sleeping. Someone that suffers with parasomnia might grind their teeth while sleeping, or might sleepwalk. Alternatively, such a person might have their hours of snoozing interrupted by sleep apnea, or by restless legs syndrome.

Circadian rhythm sleep disorder: That phrase refers to a condition in which the affected person proves incapable of maintaining a regular work and sleep schedule. Shift workers frequently develop a circadian rhythm sleep disorder. That fact highlights the reason that such a condition has become of concern to certain employers.

Mental illnesses that relate to a condition on the list of qualified disabilities

Those are illnesses such as anxiety and stress. Like depression, they can cause insomnia. For that reason, Injury Lawyer in Orillia know that someone with a case of anxiety or stress might qualify for long term disability benefits. Such a person finds it hard to make a decision, or to stay focused during the day.

Some of the workers affected with a mental illness fail to show up at their place of employment. Others come to the workplace but do-little work.