Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Lead to Serious Injuries?

Injuries due to motorcycle accidents are incredibly serious. The reasons for this are various, but it’s mainly because the driver is absolutely exposed. Other than his protective gear there is nothing that is going to provide him with additional safety.

No safety cover

Unlike going through a car accident, there are no air bags and additional roll bars to ensure your security while you are on the motorcycle. This is also the main reason for which almost every single motorcycle accident ends up with an injury. And this injury is for the most parts significant and painful. This is why it’s important to identify the cause for the accident and to undertake the necessary legal steps in order to provide the driver with an adequate compensation.

At-fault driver

While there are cases in which the driver of the motorcycle is going to be fully at fault, the majority of situations are rather different. Most of the times a car would have cut him off or the driver of the car wouldn’t have seen him and thus push him out of the road. If that’s the cause, the biker should by all means fight for his rights. In order to do so he would have to go ahead and contract an attorney to represent him. Personal injury lawyers in Toronto are quite common because it’s an incredibly perspective and lucrative field of expertise.

Reasons for accidents

However, motorcycle accidents can also happen because there was something wrong with the roadway. Dents, cracks, wholes, stones and many more obstacles can cause a fatal motorcycle accident. Keep in mind that unlike driving a car, the motorcycle has two wheels and thus it is a lot more unstable. The single dent can cause a terrible accident, especially if it happens on a high way where the speed limit is significantly higher. These accidents often tend to end in terrible mutilation and sever injuries and also quite common – with death.

If that’s the case, the compensatory claim still has grounds. It should be directed towards the responsive roadway authority or the municipality which is responsible for the conditions of the roadways. This is actually quite an easy case to lead. The only thing that could justify the lack of attention on behalf of the competent authority is if it has set up warning signs which are capable of alarming the driver that the road has problems with it. If that’s the case, a claim would end up with a failure because it’s considered that the biker was already alerted and the responsibility to drive carefully, bearing in mind potential threats falls on him and him alone.

In any case, driving a motorcycle opens you to a lot of threats and you should definitely be a lot more careful than when you are driving a car. However, if you are involved in an motorcycle accident, it is best to talk with a lawyer.