Guide To Pedestrian Car Collision Settlements

In the aftermath of a car-pedestrian collisions, the majority of times, the pedestrian files a lawsuit in order to receive compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. If you have been involved in a collision like this, you will find a guide below which will explain to you the process of reaching a settlement and other important information surrounding the legal matters of a car-pedestrian collision. (more…)

Factors Considered During Effort To Put Value On Accident

The value of an accident puts in dollar form the amount of money that the victim of the accident should expect to receive, in the form of compensation. Regardless of their aptitude with numbers, personal injury lawyers in Stouffville must come up with that figure. Still, not all of the considered factors can be stated in the form of a defined quantity. That fact becomes clear to those that must study the most obvious factors. (more…)