What Happens When You Are Found Guilty of Contributory Negligence?

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision, your main concern should, and most likely will be, in regards to your own and everybody else’s health and safety. However, once the initial shock has passed and all injuries have been addressed, the blame game is often quick to start. Most often, people will start pointing fingers as soon as the police officer arrives and starts asking questions. Sometimes it is even sooner, when witnesses start to become involved. (more…)

Understanding Who Will Be Held Liable For Injuries Stemming From A Truck Collision

According to the numbers released back in 2017, over 3,800 people were killed in truck collisions in the Canada that year alone. If you wish to include the victims who were left severely injured, you will need to and several thousands more to that total. Proving liability in such cases can be extremely difficult, even if it seems obvious to you that it is the truck driver who is to blame. Because of this, it is best for you to obtain legal counsel. With the help of a lawyer, you can rest assured that deadlines are met, necessary steps are taken, and legal representation will be available, should that be needed to win your case. (more…)

Sources of Information On Personal Injury Lawyers In Ontario

A resident of Ontario with a personal injury claim could ask a friend or relative for advice, regarding the name of a good lawyer. Alternatively, the same resident could contact a lawyer that has advertised on TV or in the paper. Still, the resident’s best approach to selection of an injury lawyer would entail utilization of the Internet. With plenty of lawyers in the city, ready to assist, finding the right lawyer will not be difficult. (more…)

How To Hold Someone Legally Liable Wrongful Death Claims

The world is a scary place littered with dangers at every corner. All it takes is a motor vehicle collision, a surgical error, or lost footing and an entire life can come to a close. It is a terrifying truth that we live with and don’t like or want to think about. However, accidents still happen, and they still continue to take lives on the daily. What do you do when you lose someone without warning? What if it was because of an accident caused by someone else? (more…)