Did You Know You Can Sue A Road Authority For Your Car Accident?

If you live in a place which gets a lot of snow and bad weather, especially during the winter, you are well-versed with having chains on your tires and salting the roads, especially when they ice over. This is intended to prevent car accidents. However, as any personal injury lawyer knows all too well, accidents are inevitable. Therefore, you are likely to be involved in a car accident, especially during the bad weather of winter. The first thing to do is to seek legal counsel. The second thing to do is to read the information discussed in this article. (more…)

How Much Should Your $200,000 Car Insurance Third Party Liability Clause Limit Really Be?

Car accidents are as commonplace as the Internet is. And while, as personal injury lawyers know all too well, they can involve third parties. You are required by law to carry personal auto insurance for your car. You may even be carrying car insurance with a third-party liability clause. You will definitely need your insurance if you are ever involved in an accident that was your fault, and you will definitely need third party liability insurance if someone else drives your car and gets into an accident. The real amount of TPL you need and more is the subject of this article. (more…)