Questions Normally Asked At Car Accident Deposition

The deposition is part of the discovery session. During the deposition, an Injury Lawyer in Barrie poses questions to a specific witness. Each question touches on one of 3 different subjects: the background of the witness, what took place at the time of the accident, or the nature and extent of the injuries.

Questions that seek background information

• What is your name?
• Where are you living now? Is that your mailing address?
• For how long were you in school? What degrees have you earned?
• Are you married or single? Do you have any children?
• Were you in good health on the day of the accident? Do you have any pre-existing condition?
• Where do you work? How long have you worked there? Where were you employed before?
• Have you ever been in trouble with the law before?

Questions that deal with what took place at the time of the accident

• What time of day was it when the accident took place? What day of the week was it?
• At what spot did the vehicles collide? Was any traffic device present at that location?
• In what direction were you traveling when you got hit?
• When did you first see the other driver? What was your speed at that time? Could you estimate the speed of the other car?
• What was the weather like at that time?
• What area on each vehicle made contact with the other vehicle?
• Where did the vehicles come to rest?
• At the time of the collision, did any part of your body hit a section of the vehicle’s interior?
• Did you speak to the other driver after the accident?
• Was the car repaired?
• Did you drink any alcohol or use any drugs before getting into your car that day?

Questions that deal with injuries and treatment

• What injuries have you claimed?
• Did you have any other health conditions before the accident’s occurrence?
• What doctors did you see? When did you first see a doctor?
• Did you get out of the car at the scene of the collision?
• What symptoms did you mention during that first visit with a physician?
• What treatment was recommended? Did you follow the prescribed treatment?
• Do you still have any symptoms? Has the doctor mentioned the need for future treatment?
• How have your day-to-day activities been affected? Is there some activity that you can no longer perform or take part in, because you have been injured?
• Do you need assistance with some everyday task that you used to be able to take care of on your own?
• Did you have any trouble sleeping, while you were recovering from your injuries?
• Did you drive at all since the accident? Did you ride anywhere in a motored vehicle?

It is best that your lawyer discusses these details with you so you are prepared for it.