What Are Product Liability Claims?

Normally, the consumer’s discovery of some defect in a purchased item sets into motion the process of launching a product liability claim. That process calls for utilization of an established procedure, regardless of how large or small a discovered defect might be.The types of defects (classified according to source) include design flaws and manufacturing flaws.

Frequently, a large number of defective items get produced, before the responsible flaw has been identified.

A defective part might get placed in many of the cars coming down the assembly line. As a result, all the vehicles with that same part would need to be recalled. That recall would reflect an effort to avoid the threat of a product liability claim.

A mistake might be made at the company that makes a certain drug. Consequently, the FDA would rescind its permission for the sale of that same drug. The same series of events could take place following production of an unsafe medical device. Indeed, that was what happened when the FDA recognized the dangers associated with silicone breast implants.

The public might hear an announcement regarding a food that is thought to be contaminated. Such an announcement seeks to limit the chances for a consumer filing a lawsuit, a product liability claim.

A large number of lawsuits have been filed against tobacco companies. The companies were charged with financing misleading ads, or injuring members of the public with second-hand smoke. All of this is injurious to health and can lead to issues later on. That is why if you think you have been hurt or injured due to a product, you can discuss your concerns with a personal injury lawyer in Stouffville.

What is a class action lawsuit?

That is a special kind of product liability complaint, one that has been made on behalf of a large group of people. There are 2 big advantages to a class action lawsuit. First, it lowers the litigation costs for those making the complaint. Second, it aids the achievement of a greater level of judicial efficiency.

The challenge to such an action relates to the work required of those that must make the case for the suing group. The group’s legal team must carry out a complicated analysis of the company records. For that reason, the unhappy consumers must hire an experienced lawyer.

Those hired lawyers get rewarded for their efforts. A sued company can be fined a large sum of money, and the lawyer gets a percent of that same sum. Then the remaining amount gets divided among all those consumers that had agreed to take part in the class action lawsuit.