What Do Motorcycle Helmets Have To Do With Masks?

Most states mandate the wearing of helmets by motorcycle riders. A growing number of states have mandated the wearing of masks, as a way to limit the spread of COVID 19.

The reaction to the 2 mandates has underlined the connection between motorcycle helmets and masks.

Some motorcycle owners have complained that the requirement to wear a helmet reduces their freedom of choice. They ignore the statistics, which show a decline in serious accidents in regions where helmets are required.

Some members of the general public have refused to wear a mask, because they seek to uphold their freedom of choice. Those mask-free men and women refuse to accept the fact that the incidence of COVID 19 has decreased in those places where the residents have chosen to where masks.

How the mandates regarding helmets and those relating to masks differ, as of today

The refusal by a motorcycle rider to wear a helmet could affect the rider’s ability to pursue an insurance claim. In the regions that follow the principle of contributory negligence, that particular rider could not recover a single cent, if he or she were to be injured in an on-road accident.

Many provinces in which the legal system continues to follow the principle known as contributory negligence. According to that principle any accident victim that has aggravated an injury does not deserve to get compensated for his or her injuries.

Of course, the absence of a helmet would not affect an insurance claim, if the person on the motorcycle had suffered only a hand injury. A helmet would not have protected the hand. Still, there is one way that the failure to wear a helmet can affect the cost of motorcycle insurance in any state or region. All insurance companies reserve the right to increase the cost of the policyholder’s premium. That cost increases whenever it appears that a policyholder has aided creation of an accident, or has aggravated the effects of an injury.

If an insurance company were to learn that a motorcycle-owning policyholder had become involved in an accident, and had not been wearing a mask, then that same company would have a right to increase the size of the policyholder’s premium.

In other words, as per Injury Lawyer in Barrie, the policyholder’s choice could dictate the size of his or her premium. Thus, if you have been injured, don’t forget to first seek medical assistance and then call on your lawyer.

So far, no health insurance company has tied the cost of premiums to the wearing of masks. Still, that does not mean that in the future no company would take that specific step.