What To Do If The Accident-Related Injuries Surface Weeks After Your Car Accident?

Car accidents and general accidents are commonplace. It can be compared to Newton’s laws of gravity which state that an object that is thrown up in the air will fall back to the ground because of the laws of the invisible force of gravity. With the case of accidents, life is so chaotic and unpredictable that people are bound to get into unintentional incidents where they are injured and/or suffer from property damage. However, some medical conditions, illnesses, and injuries that result from an accident don’t manifest themselves until long after the accident has occurred. What are you to do if you are ever in this situation? Well, you can fight for your rights by working with a personal injury lawyer in Stouffville.

Car accidents change your life forever

Many personal injury lawyers know that car accident can change people’s lives forever and often times have negative and far-reaching consequences. These consequences can be injuries or illnesses that develop because of the accident, but don’t materialize until much later. The reason for this is because of the fact that car accident victims tend to generate large amounts of endorphin and adrenaline. The increase in these hormones helps them cope with the trauma and negative fall-out of the accident. However, they can create a false and heightened sense of energy and a positive attitude which can mask the true extent of the injuries and illnesses which these people have suffered from because of their car accident.

Soft tissue injuries after a car accident

Your lawyer will inform you that many parts of your body contain tissues other than bone. These include organ, muscle, and ligament/joint tissues. Because these soft tissues have little to no protection from the enormous force and trauma which a car accident will subject your body to, you may experience substantial damage to these tissues. This is especially true if your body forcefully moved positions after your car came to a grinding halt. One very common soft tissue injury which you will probably suffer from is the whiplash. When you experience whiplash, your neck is suddenly and forcefully thrust forward and backward. This can cause substantial swelling of tissues and tearing of vital ligaments which may not show up until many months later.

You can even suffer from a brain injury which is referred to as a concussion. Your personal injury lawyer has likely seen many cases where this has occurred. Concussions don’t show up right away, but you know that you have likely suffered from a concussion if you experience one or more of the following after a car accident:

● Cloudy thinking
● Poor concentration
● Memory loss and difficulty in remembering new information
● Severe headaches
● Blurry vision
● Extreme nausea
● Dizziness
● Lethargy
● Abnormal sleep patterns

Do the following

See a doctor right away if you feel different, either physically or mentally after having endured a car accident. A medical doctor will document your injuries and the diagnoses which can be used as valuable evidence in court if you file a lawsuit against the defendant.

The defendant’s insurance company may contact you immediately after the accident and persuade you to settle out of court right away. Do not do this! The insurance company may even try to get you to sign a document releasing them from legal responsibility of any present and future claims you may levy on the defendant in exchange for a lump sum of money. Resist the temptation to do this and accept the out-of-court settlement. Wait until you have been evaluated by a doctor. If you accept a settlement right away out of court, you can’t sue the defendant even if you suffer potentially life-threatening physical injuries or illnesses. If you ever are injured in an accident that was not your fault, hire legal counsel and wait for the physical (and mental) injuries and illnesses to manifest themselves before filing a lawsuit!