When Can A Lawsuit Be Filed After Truck Accident

The process used by those that have been injured in a trucking accident involves performance of more work, as compared to the effort that must be extend by the victim of a collision between 2 smaller vehicles.

The injured victim has the right to file a claim against anyone that might have contributed to the factors that caused the trucking accident.

• The truck’s driver
• The truck’s owner
• The driver’s employer
• The owner of the transported cargo
• The shipper
• The truck maintenance company
• The maker of a defective part

The victim should learn the status of the truck’s driver.

Was that driver a private contractor, or was he working for a trucking company?

If the driver was a private contractor, then some other questions must be asked and answered: Was the driver negligent? Had he or she violated any rules of the road? Had he or she acted within the scope of the employer’s directions?

If the driver had been negligent, then he or she could be held responsible for any accident-linked injuries.

If the driver had been working for an employer, then had the same employer been negligent?

—What sorts of actions had the employer asked the driver to perform?
—Had the employer provided the driver with a sufficient amount of training?
—Had the employer arranged for the trucks to have functioning equipment, such as a working GPS system?
—Had the employer’s instructions been clear?

Depending on the answers to the above questions, the victim might be able to seek compensation from the driver’s employer.

Had there been any negligence on the part of the truck’s owner?

• Had the owner arranged for regular maintenance of that large vehicle?
• Had the owner taken the time to find a trustworthy maintenance company? If not, then had the maintenance crew failed to perform its job in a satisfactory fashion?
• Had the maintenance company purchased inexpensive parts and accessories? Had one of those items been defective?

Smart victims hire a personal injury lawyer.

That Personal Injury Lawyer in Barrie should be someone that has previously worked with the victim of a trucking accident. An experienced lawyer might be able to identify other parties that could have contributed to the factors that caused the accident.

For instance, if the incident had taken place at night, then had there been sufficient lighting on the road, and on the road’s, traffic signs? The government body in charge of that roadway should have checked on the adequacy of the lighting.

A failure to provide motorists with proper lighting would qualify as negligence. A victim-lawyer team could learn how to take action against the responsible governmental body. That same team might check to see if other accidents occurred at that specific spot.