Will The Injury Lawyer Discuss To Calculate Lost Income Damages?

A common aspect of personal injury claims and an insurance policy is what’s referred to as lost income damages. This involves calculating losses due to the accident and all the injuries arising from it. It provides compensation for pain and suffering. and medical treatment.

What is Recoverable

Lost income damages are generally payable when an accident has made it impossible for you to work due to your injuries, or if treatment for injuries sustained in an accident has caused you to miss work.

Your amount of reimbursement applies to full-time and part-time workers and sometimes even self-employed workers. Generally, if you’ve paid into a policy and can prove that you have been making money, and you can no longer earn this money due to an injury, then you can make a claim for lost income damages.

Loss of income is not multiplied part of the amount in a settlement formula. It is added after the accurate multiplier has been decided. The amount paid out is also determined by the type of injury. The number can change depending on the situation of your injury and case.

It’s important to note that if you will take sick leave for the time, you were not able to go to the workplace due to your injury, this should not affect you lost income claim. That time you could not work due to an injury is part of the claim for damages. That sick time or vacation leave was yours to do with as you wanted. Being put into a position where you needed to use that time after you were injured in order to pay the bills is as good as lost wages.


You need to be able to prove that you lost income as a result of your injury and recovery. This means two things. You will need to prove you were earning that income before your injury, and you will need to show that the injury impacted your ability to work.

Proving income is straightforward if you are employed for someone else and regularly receive pay stubs as proof of work. If you are freelance or are self-employed, the process of proving income becomes more challenging.

Evidence you can use it as proof of income include billing invoices, a calendar of appointments you had to cancel, and documents like print-outs of emails that prove you had to cancel meetings, conferences and other appointments.

Once you have shown that if you did not have to miss that work. If you had a steady amount of work before the mishap, you may put together copies of your invoices and payments as evidence of money earned. Based on this, your lawyer can calculate the amount of income, you lost during the time you weren’t able to work due to your injuries.

Personal injury lawyer in Orillia knows that under lost income damages, you are also entitled to reimbursement for work opportunities lost because of the accident and your injuries.