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Motor Vehicle Accidents Lawyer Barrie

Motor vehicle accidents of varying severity are a common occurrence on Ontario roads and result in personal injuries that can range from whiplash, soft tissue damage, fractures, and psychological trauma to more serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries and injuries of the spinal cord.

Because often times some of these injuries do not immediately become apparent, accident victims may think they are fine but end up suffering from aches and pains that surface days after the accident. Lengthy and often costly rehabilitation is typically required by the vast majority of accident victims and when combined with lost wages as well as other related expenses, mounting bills and outstanding invoices can quickly become unmanageable.

Ontario victims of motor vehicle accidents are entitled to what is known as Accident Benefits. These are various entitlements such as: income replacement benefits, attendant care benefits, medical rehabilitation benefits, and the non-earner benefit. If the victim's policy has additional coverage, he or she may become eligible for additional benefits such as care-giving and housekeeping benefits. Injuries that are deemed catastrophic significantly increase the amount of benefits and coverage for the injured victim. What seems like sufficient coverage for Ontario car accident victims on paper is far from reality. Auto insurance companies regularly deny or limit access to these benefits, leaving accident victims without sufficient coverage.

If you are deemed not to be at fault for the collision, you are entitled to additional compensation through a Tort Claim. Damages such as pain and suffering, costs of future medical care, loss of income and competitive advantage, and out-of-pocket expenses are some of the things that victims can claim compensation for.

The Ontario legislation governing automobile accidents is inherently complex and limiting in its remedies for accident victims, which makes having an experienced personal injury professional crucial. Our knowledgeable legal team stays on the professional edge of the applicable legislation, which allows us to successfully recover the maximum compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of their case for our clients.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, know that having an experienced and dedicated professional on your side can make all the difference for victims and their families. The legal team at Makaronets Law is considered to be among the qualified in the province of Ontario, and our professionals have successfully recovered millions of dollars in compensation for personal injury victims from all over the province.

If you or a loved one was injured, contact Makaronets Law for a consultation; it is absolutely free, and there are no obligations. We can visit you at home or in the hospital, and since we work on contingency, you do not have to pay until we win your case. 95 years of combined experience has made Makaronets Law what it is today for our clients, we are the shield and the sword, protecting their rights and at the same time getting them the absolute maximum compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of their case that they deserve.