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Traumatic Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Barrie

Traumatic brain injuries typically have a major negative impact on the quality of life of the injured victim and his family because of the resulting loss of physical and cognitive functions. Victims of traumatic brain injuries may require constant medical attention and care that can only be provided by a qualified team of medical professionals. Because these injuries are unpredictable in nature, it is extremely difficult to properly assess the needs and costs of the care the victim will require in the future.

Spinal cord injuries can have devastating and life-altering effects on the victim's quality of life. Conditions, such as paraplegia, can drastically change the life of an injury victim who may suffer not only physically but also psychologically while adjusting to this condition, which unfortunately is often permanent.

Caring for victims of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries can put undue emotional and financial stress on the victim's families. Costs of medical care and rehabilitation, as well as out-of-pocket expenses and in the event that the victim's wages were critically important to the household, can create mounting, overdue bills that quickly add up and become unmanageable.

The legal professionals of Makaronets Law recognize the needs of critically injured accident victims and their families and realize that determining the right amount of compensation can make the difference between having sufficient financial security and not making ends meet.

At Makaronets Law, our legal team works with medical professionals who can ensure that you receive an accurate diagnosis as well as the efficient treatment for your condition, which will allow you to reach the maximum recovery from your injuries. Also, our medical professionals can help us accurately determine the level of future care that will be required by the victim and in turn, can help us determine the correct amount of financial compensation that will be required by the victim and his family.

If you or a loved has sustained a brain or spinal cord injury in the province of Ontario, you deserve compensation. Contact Makaronets Law today for a free initial assessment; there are no obligations, and you can get the peace of mind that you deserve. We will ensure that your rights are protected, and while you focus on getting better, our legal team will focus on getting you the absolute maximum compensation that can be secured in the unique circumstances of your case that you are entitled to. Do not suffer in silence; get the justice that you deserve. Contact Makaronets Law today, and put the winning legal team in your corner.