Defenses Available To Defendant’s Legal Team

The victim of a personal injury, following an accident, finds it easy to point an accusing finger at one or more of the other persons at the scene. Yet a charge of alleged negligence does not always hold up during negotiations or in a courtroom. The accuser’s lawyer should be able to conceive of some possible defenses, which might be made to the accusing client’s argument. (more…)

Creating A List of Questions To Direct At Your Potential Future Lawyer

Should you be in a situation in which you have sustained injuries due to somebody else’s negligence, then you may also be in a situation in which you can build a solid personal injury claim which could get you compensation for your losses. However, in order for your case to have high chances of success, you will need to hire a competent personal injury lawyer who has the necessary connections and skill set to put together and present your case. (more…)

Who Is At Fault For A Slip And Fall Incident?

If you own a piece of property, be sure that you take every precaution, in order to prevent a slip and fall incident. Do not assume that such accidents can only happen in places where there could be ice on the ground or some type of liquid on the floor. The law places under the heading “slip and fall incident” any injury-causing accident that takes place in an unsafe and poorly-maintained environment. (more…)

Arguments Used By Defense Attorneys In Personal Injury Lawsuits

Defense lawyers have learned that certain arguments work best when used to fight a particular claim. For instance a claim that an injury resulted from the presence of a hazard on a private or public property often pushes the defendant’s attorney to argue that the plaintiff contributed to the accident. If the accident happened to qualify as a slip and fall incident, then the attorney might seek more information about the plaintiff’s shoes at the time of the same incident. (more…)