By Putting A Warning Sign, Is The Property Owner’s Liability Mitigated In Case Of An Accident?

If you’re a visitor to a property and it’s not safe, you should be able to tell that from the warning signs on the property. However, did you know that even if your sign is clear and concise, you still might not be able to recover damages if your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence? The answer is yes–and no–and it all depends on what kind of warning sign was used at the time of your injury.


What Happens If Accident Victim Dies Before Filing Personal Injury Lawsuit?

The legal system has procedures in place that could allow someone else to start or complete a given injury case.

Survival action: A procedure that allows for pursuit of a mass tort or personal injury lawsuit.

This action lets someone start or continue a lawsuit on behalf of a deceased individual. The plaintiff takes on the role of a substitute, substituting for the decedent. The substitute plaintiff can recover only those damages that had resulted from events that took place before the decedent’s passing. (more…)

What Evidence Would Help Me To Strengthen My Car Accident Case?

The more documents that you can present in support of your claim, the stronger your case will be.

These belong on a listing for great pieces of evidence

Anything in the medical report that supports the plaintiff’s injury lawyer claims in Barrie . Any information from the plaintiff’s employer that can support to claims about lost wages. They will need pertinent information that relates to contact and insurance information for other driver (more…)