Consider Statute of Limitation When Filing Defective Product Liability Claim

You do not really have to be counting the minutes, if a defective product has caused you to suffer an injury. Still, if you plan to file a personal injury claim, you do have to be conscious of the days and the months that have passed since the moment when you got injured. Each state has established its own guidelines, regarding the amount of time allowed to the person that was injured by a defective product. (more…)

How Safe Are The Products You Use?

Today with the myriad of products available, it’s often hard to know where it was manufactured and how safe it truly is. A product you have trusted for years could now be owned by another corporation and be manufactured elsewhere in the world. In our global marketplace, we have basic laws that hold companies accountable for a product’s safety and to warn consumers about risks with regard to that product. Product liability law ensures that a company can be held responsible for any negligence. (more…)