Guide To Pedestrian Car Collision Settlements

In the aftermath of a car-pedestrian collisions, the majority of times, the pedestrian files a lawsuit in order to receive compensation for their medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. If you have been involved in a collision like this, you will find a guide below which will explain to you the process of reaching a settlement and other important information surrounding the legal matters of a car-pedestrian collision. (more…)

What Legal Claims Can Pedestrian Make If Hit By Car?

Because a car is so much larger than a single pedestrian, someone that gets hit by an automobile may not feel possessed of much power. Still, the fact that any pedestrian could get injured while strolling around the streets. Calling on a personal injury lawyer in Orillia might be the right person to discuss such key issues. Accidents had led legislators to start thinking about what changes should be made along the stretch of roadway where the tragedies had taken place. (more…)

Pinning The Liability In Pedestrian Accidents

It Is important to note that there are designated places to cross an intersection or to walk and bike. Flashing signs are there to warn you of oncoming traffic and warn traffic that you may be crossing. However, this doesn’t stop pedestrians from becoming victims of vehicle accidents. Immediately after an accident where a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle, the well-being and health of the injured will also play a role in their recovery. How is the fault determined in these types of accidents? (more…)

What Age Group Is The Most Vulnerable In Pedestrian Accidents?

Accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles as well as the personal injury claims that ensue typically hinge on what is known as the “Duty of Care” based on those parties that are involved.  Interestingly enough, there are certain rules of the road that apply to those on foot as well as motorists in that they both must exercise reasonable care.  In many cases, negligence is obvious.  However, there are certain factors that the court and your personal injury lawyer will have to consider. (more…)