Can You Blame Your Employer For A Personal Injury?

If you work at a company that offers workmen’s compensation, then you should have no reason for pointing to your employer as the cause of a personal injury. Employees that have been guaranteed access to workmen’s compensation surrender their right to sue any other employees, as well as their right to sue their employer. Of course, not all companies provide their employees with access to workmen’s compensation.

What to ask before thinking about placing the blame on your employer:

Before you blame your employer, ask this question: Where did the accident take place? A worker cannot sue his or her employer, if he or she got injured while going to or coming from the workplace. An employee can sue his or her employer if that same worker got injured while striving to complete a work-related task.

Understand that all of the striving must get carried out on the company’s campus, or in one of its buildings. Efforts made to get to work, or to return home from your place of business do not represent the type of striving that could be taking place at the time of an accidental occurrence, one that might cause a personal injury.

Circumstances assumed by assurances that you could sue your employer:

That statement assumes that you did not perform any action that might have caused the accident. By the same token, it assumes that you did not neglect to carry out a certain job, one which needed be completed, in order to prevent occurrence of an unfortunate accident.

By the same token, this statement assumes that you would want to sue your employer. Yet that might not be your desire, if your employer’s existing insurance does not offer sufficient coverage. In other words, it could be that the coverage offered by your employer’s insurance was shown to be insufficient.

Possible sources of additional coverage:

If you got injured at work, and your employer’s policy did not cover all of the losses that you had suffered, then you might want to search for an additional source of coverage. The following paragraphs should indicate the full range of the institutions that offer such insurance coverage.

If someone else caused the accident, your Personal Injury Lawyer in Orillia should think about suing that same person. As stated above, if your company offers workmen’s compensation, you cannot follow that approach. Still, if a visitor were to cause a harmful occurrence to take place, then that same visitor might be blamed for your injuries.

If your employer personally contributed to creation of an accident-prone situation, thus causing the accidental occurrence, then you do have the right to sue your employer. Such an action would differ from one in which you chose to sue your employer’s company.