What Evidence Would Help Me To Strengthen My Car Accident Case?

The more documents that you can present in support of your claim, the stronger your case will be.

These belong on a listing for great pieces of evidence

Anything in the medical report that supports the plaintiff’s injury lawyer claims in Barrie . Any information from the plaintiff’s employer that can support to claims about lost wages. They will need pertinent information that relates to contact and insurance information for other driver

—Name of your employer, if you were working on a work-related task, when you had the accident; name of defendant’s employer, if he/she had been working on a job-related task at the time of the collision.
—Names of any witnesses
—Photographs taken at scene of accident
—Any notes on things like skid marks or scattered debris
—All the paperwork related to car repairs

Proof of timely medical treatment, and efforts made to inform all healthcare providers about the accident. That would include efforts to inform a pediatrician, if a child or teenager had been one of the occupants in the impacted vehicle.

Methods for obtaining more valuable information

Send interrogatories to the other driver.

—Use those to learn about the defendant’s conduct prior to the accident.
—Use deposition to supplement the facts obtained from answers to interrogatory.

Techniques that should help you to improve the quality of your evidence

When you are photographing the scene of the accident, be sure to take pictures from multiple angles. Use that technique, whether you are snapping the pictures right after the accident’s occurrence, or when you have returned to the scene, a few days later.

If you have been scheduled to appear at a deposition, take the time to learn about how you should approach your answers, and how you can maintain good eye contact with the questioner. You might want to have someone take video pictures of you, while answering practice questions.

That way, you can learn how to hold your hands and feet, so that you do not place a barrier between you and the questioner. You can also check for evidence of actions that suggest nervousness on your part. You should work on the elimination of such actions, while you are making a statement.

One item that you cannot use as evidence

Do not count on using the police report as evidence. The judge will not agree to the admission of that particular document. Judges view all police reports as hearsay.

The officer’s reported observations were made after the accident had taken place. No police officer actually witnessed the same accident. The officer has reported only the information that had come from one or more witnesses. Hence, the report’s lack of any first-hand accounts removes it from consideration as a possible form of evidence.