How Lawyers Can Help An Injured Victim Pursue A Dog Bite Lawsuit

Someone that has become the target of a canine’s teeth should seek immediate medical attention, and then make contact with a personal injury lawyer. Usually, the injuries range from minor scratches to severe mauling that leads to surgery, scars and PTSD. As a victim, you are entitled to sue the owner of the dog who was negligent. However, if you are partly at fault, then the amount of compensation that you are entitled to will be reduced. It is important to consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Barrie that has represented similar cases in the past and has had considerable success in winning compensation for their clients in the past.

Tasks performed by lawyers that have agreed to handle a dog bite case

• Send an investigator to the scene of the biting incident
• Work on identifying the canine that carried out the reported attack
• Assist with efforts that are aimed at learning the name of the dog’s owner
• Collect names and contact information from any witnesses

Direct assessment of damage:

• Lost wages
• Pain and suffering
• Extent of property damage
• Explain the rights possessed by the victim

Questions posed to victim, as attorney strives to show that the dog’s owner had helped to trigger the outcome of the unanticipated attack

Where were you when the dog bite you?
Was it a public location, or was it a place to which you had been invited?
Did you do anything to provoke the owner’s pet canine?

Those two questions highlight the 2 situations in which a dog might have a right to attack and bite a stranger. Owners are supposed to have control of their four-legged friends, in order to minimize the chances for a biting incident.

Even if the victim of an attack had not provoked the owner’s pet, prior to initiation of the biting incident, that same victim might cause the dog’s fury to increase. For instance, there have been reports of a girl that chose to direct pepper spray at a dog that had lunged at her. When she sought to file charges against the owner of the sprayed attacker/pet, the court judge did not uphold the foundation of her plea.

Someone that has been the target of a dog’s teeth could need to furnish added information, if he or she were self-employed. In that case, the attorney for the defendant would want to know how much money that bitten entrepreneur normally made each week. The defense attorney would not question the victim’s right to seek compensation for damages, such as lost wages. Still, he or she could question the veracity of the figure that had been presented, as representation of the size for the claimant’s lost salary.