How To Settle A Dog Bite Injury Claim?

It’s important to understand that every single dog bite case is individual and particularly different. However, generally speaking, the settlement is going to be based on two important things.

What the parties of the lawsuit estimate the court is going to award the victim

This is the financial side of the matter. The settlement has one particular purpose – to simplify the process and to provide the victim with the necessary amount of money required to cover for his damages, both physical and emotional. Thus, strictly speaking, the plaintiff is going to make a request that he demands a certain amount. This is going to be based on a range of different objective and subjective factors such as the cost of the medical help as well as the evaluated pain and suffering that he had to go through.

Once he requests the amount, the opposing party is either going to accept it or refuse it as elevated. Unfortunately for the majority of the victims, the latter scenario is much more likely to happen. Once it does, you will enter the phase of plain negotiations – something which is particularly important. This is where the expertise of a professional personal injury lawyer will be particularly helpful as it’s going to assist you in making a strong argument which compels the other party to agree.

The defendant must feel there is a chance of losing the case

This is the subjective side to the matter. If the defendant is absolutely certain that there is no chance of him losing the case, a settlement is something that you shouldn’t expect. Any reasonable person would prefer the winning alternative.

However, if there is a chance that the defendant will lose the case, this is something that you need to exploit. Once again, this is where your lawyer will have a great impact. He will be capable of emphasizing on the fact that the chance of losing is particularly significant. This will also help you get a higher compensation – this is definitely to be considered and taken into account.

With all this in mind, it’s clear that the settlement is based on a few different premises. It’s in your best interest to rely on someone with the necessary expertise when it comes to settling cases. A closer is what you are looking for. A professional personal injury lawyer in Stouffville with experience in closing deals is definitely something particularly important and it needs to be properly accounted for. A lot of people are intimidated at the prospect of paying a lot of money, but the majority of the practitioners work on contingency fees so that’s not a worry you should consider. The lawyers will sign an agreement with you that only after they help you win the claim, they will charge a small percentage of the amount as their fees. This provides you with the option of ‘no win, no fee’.