What Part Does The Insurance Company Play In A Personal Injury Claim?

The terms of a car insurance policy make it clear that the insurance company intends to play a key role in the search for a resolution of any claim. The policyholder is expected to contact the insurer soon after an accident’s occurrence.

Which insurance company will cover the damages?

Did the other driver carry liability insurance? If the answer is “yes,” then that driver’s insurance becomes responsible for covering the medical expenses and the cost for any repairs. If the other driver was uninsured, then the company that sold a policy to the injured driver must cover those medical expenses, if the policyholder /driver has purchased uninsured motorist coverage.

How large an offer might the injured party get from the insurance company of the responsible driver?

The nature of the driver’s injuries would determine the answer to that question. If the driver had sustained only soft injuries, then the insurance company would probably make a small offer. Alternatively, if the driver had reported hard injuries, then the insurance company for the responsible motorist might make a larger offer. First though, the insurer would make sure that the driver with the claim tried to mitigate his or her injuries by seeing a doctor as soon as possible, following the accident’s occurrence.

How much time might pass before a settlement was reached?

The insurance company might settle quickly, if the claimant had reported severe injuries, but the policyholder had purchased only the minimum amount of coverage required by government authorities. Injury Lawyer in Barrie knows that if the policyholder had spent money on a large level of liability coverage, then the insurance adjuster would spend more time studying the ideal size for the compensation package that would be offered to the claimant.

Why would the amount of money that the defendant/responsible motorist had spent on liability coverage, increase the amount of time that passed before arrival at a settlement? That is due to the fact that all adjusters are supposed to get the best deal possible and agree to pay the least amount of money to the claimant.

If might seem like paying the minimum, as stated in the terms of the purchased policy would be the best deal. Still, that might not repay fully all of the injured party’s medical costs. If someone feels cheated by an insurance company, he or she has the right to sue that same company.

Yet the facts might suggest that the other driver was partly responsible for his or her injuries. In view of that fact, the adjuster would have reason to give serious thought to reducing the size of the claimant’s compensation package. Of course, the adjuster would need to determine how much to reduce that same package.