Can I Win Disability Benefits If I Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Getting tired is just a part of life. Every human (except for newborns) follows the natural body clock known as the circadian rhythm. This means that they are alert and fresh when they wake up in the morning and they are tired late at night. However, some people are always tired, even when they wake up after having slept for at least 8 consecutive hours. You may be one of these people and you should know that you can hire a personal injury lawyer in Barrie to help you win disability benefits. You just need to know the following:

How you can tell if you have chronic fatigue syndrome

A lawyer knows that a person who is always tired suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. You may well be one of these people. You will know if you experience the following symptoms:

● Extreme fatigue that can’t be controlled and often leads to bodily injury or property damage
● The inability to concentrate for long periods of time or remember things for a long period of time
● Extreme headaches
● Extreme exhaustion which lasts for at least one full day
● Muscle or joint pain that can’t be accounted for and which does not disappear on its own
● Enlarged lymph nodes
● Having a feeling of extreme exhaustion even after you have slept deeply for at least eight consecutive hours

If you do decide to seek legal counsel to claim a disability and associated benefits, your lawyer will tell you to seek immediate medical help because your condition can be potentially life-threatening.

You can take these tests

Your personal injury lawyer will inform you of the following tests which are indicative of chronic fatigue syndrome:

● Sleep disorder testing – this will help uncover the causes of your constant fatigue. It is great at indicating potentially serious illnesses/diseases like diabetes, sleep apnea, insomnia, or restless leg syndrome
● Blood work – this will determine if your fatigue is caused by a thyroid disorder, diabetes, and/or anemia.
● Lung and heart function tests – these will determine if your heart and lungs are working properly. If they are not working properly, you could be in chronic heart failure (CHF) and this can be the cause of your constant fatigue

10 tell-tale symptoms of chronic fatigue

You have chronic fatigue, if you experience any of the following:

● Unexplained fatigue which makes working regular hours difficult
● Sleep disorders
● Mental illnesses like depression or bipolar disorder
● Six consecutive months of being tired without any reasonable explanation for it
● Difficulty in concentrating and remembering things
● Sore throat and painful, enlarged lymph nodes
● Muscle or joint pain that can’t be explained
● You can’t wake up from sleep comfortably
● Constantly feeling very tired
● Medically diagnosed chronic fatigue syndrome

Get legal counsel immediately

If you have received a medical diagnosis for a chronic fatigue system, hire a personal injury lawyer immediately, because you could receive substantial disability benefits and disability diagnosis.