Determining The Value of A Personal Injury Case

There are many ways that one becomes injured; a slip and fall, dog bite, car accident, bike accident, big truck accident, and more. When an accident happens, it takes away your normal every day way to function. This means that your value of life is now determined in dollars and cents. If you have had an injury to occur due to someone being negligent, how much is your personal injury case worth? How much should you ask for?

Factors that Can Affect the Value of Your Claim

When you present your case to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Stouffville, he or she will need to ask you some further questions to determine what will work out best for you and to help you get the most compensation you can qualify for. There are a few factors that will help to determine how much you could be awarded in your personal injury case. They are:

How severe was your injuries? The severity will also be a determining factor as to how much medical treatment will be required. While some injuries don’t require as much care, others will require a lot of care including therapy of some type.

Who should be held liable for the accident? Was one party liable or was there more that could possibly be liable for your injuries? Now is the time that blame is going to need to be directed to someone. The person with the most responsibility should be the one that is made to pay.

Can you work? If your injuries are too much, you may not be able to do your job or even return to work at all. Will this injury limit the ability to work your daily activities into your schedule? What about your home? Who will take care of it if you cannot? If you are just off of work temporarily, how much time off do you need? You will be going without an income while you are out of work so you need compensation for this time.

Common Personal Injury Claim Damages

A personal injury claim that is filed, if awarded, can be used to pay for the following:

Medical bills

Any type of injury is going to cause a lot of medical needs and this cost can rise up quickly. You will need to pay those bills and the only way you can do that is through what is awarded to you.

You will also be needing to replace your income that you are used to receiving. Your injuries can be life altering and if you don’t have some form of pay coming in, you may not be able to even keep your home, your vehicle, and all the other expenses you have already. No one plans and prepares for an accident and that is why it is so shocking when it happens.