How To Remain Safe On A Motorcycle

Most motorcycle enthusiasts love the open air feeling of freedom they get while riding their motorcycles. But the inherent nature of the vehicle itself can have its own set of accident risks. Because the driver is exposed far more than in an automobile, the likelihood of serious injury or death is far greater for the driver of a motorcycle. In fact, motorcycle accidents can result in death up to 35 times more often than automobile accidents. Injury lawyers in Orillia see some particular correlations when it comes to motorcycle accidents.

● Distracted drivers are one of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents today. Even with our tough laws governing distracted driving, it is still one of the biggest problems we see when it comes to motorcycle accidents.
● Impaired and drunk driving is one of the largest contributors to roadway fatalities on a motorcycle..
● In many cases, other drivers simply fail to see motorcyclists. In many cases, they are often obscured by blind spots.
● Weather can be a major contributor in motorcycle accidents. Motorcycles are operating on only two centers of traction as opposed to the four wheels of a car. Weather and terrain can often make a larger difference when it comes to a motorcycle because of this.
● Speeding
● Intersections are often a place where motorcycles are at a disadvantage when other motorists do not obey the laws.

In these cases, motorcyclists are far more vulnerable to severe injuries and death. Because visibility can be an important factor in many of these instances, a motorcyclist should wear gear to increase visibility. Appropriate clothing and gear will not prevent an accident but it can offer more protection in the case of an accident. Long sleeves, appropriate footwear, reflective garments, and Kevlar pants are all ways that the right clothing and gear can protect a motorcyclist.

Helmets are mandatory and full-face helmets offer the most protection. It is important to check the safety rating of the helmet since all helmets are not created equal.

Tires and wheels should be checked consistently for damage. As these two tires are the only points of contact with the road for a motorcycle, ensuring that they are properly inflated and have sufficient tread is imperative when it comes to safety. Worn tires can substantially reduce traction and braking, especially during inclement weather.

Maintenance is also important to road safety when it comes to a motorcycle. Regular maintenance is essential to motorcycle safety and should be completed often. Brakes, shocks, chains, signals, and headlights should be inspected regularly.

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