What To Do When You Were Involved In A Collision With A Commercial Truck

Accidents which involve commercial trucks are oftentimes far more complex than a regular car crash. This is in part due to the fact that they will generally result in more severe injuries, but also because the trucking company will need to get involved. So, in order to help you obtain compensation for your losses stemming from the commercial truck collision, we have put together this guide explaining the legal basics which you will need to know to file, and settle, your claim.

Why are commercial truck collisions so much more dangerous?

For one, they are bigger and size and heavier in weight, but more importantly, many of them carry cargo like gallons of gasoline which drastically increases the likelihood for explosions due to leaks. And even though all truck drivers have undergone significant training to avoid collisions, accidents still happen and their victims climb to the thousands annually. There are a variety of reasons that such accidents happen. From long hours on the road to fatigue that builds up over time, drug and alcohol intake to distracted driving are just a few of the reasons that multitude of victims file for compensation and damages.

How can I build a case against the truck driver?

As the driver of a car involved in a commercial truck collision, you will need to prove the truck driver guilty of negligence if you strive to obtain compensation. For this, you will need to prove that the truck driver expressed behavior that wasn’t in the interest of protecting another motorists’ safety.Additionally, if you can prove that the truck company failed to take reasonable measures to prevent accidents and injuries, they may also be proven guilty of negligence.

What makes commercial truck collisions so complex?

There is a multitude of factors which increase the complexity of such accidents. For one, the plaintiff is oftentimes dealing with multiple defendants, ranging from the trucking company and their staff, over the owners of the freight, to a potential array of others – all of which will need to be identified so you as the plaintiff can obtain your deserved compensation.The best way for you to ensure a fair settlement, is to hire an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Stouffville with a track record of winning such cases similar to yours.

In what cases will the truck driver not be held liable?

Due to the heaviness and size of trucks, they are rather accident prone, and situations can occur in which an accident cannot be blamed on the driver. For example, when a truck driver is forced two take up two lanes when making a turn, courts may deem the driver free of negligence.